Surprising Places that Contain Asbestos

People are getting more health conditions from inhaling asbestos such as asbestosis and lung cancer, which is why a lot of people rely on professional asbestos removal service. You may actually know the obvious places which contain asbestoses like the heater in your roofing tiles or house. The following are some of the surprising places which contain asbestos: 

1. Bowling Balls 

Going to the bowing place with your friends and family may sound very innocent. The only thing left for you to be afraid of is dropping the heavy ball on your foot however, did you know that older balls of bowling are one of the most surprising places which contains asbestos. 

Aside from that, the ones who are at high risk are the factory employees producing the bowling balls. The workers have to make holes into the balls as well as asbestos may have been unleashed into the air or maybe dropped on the person’s fingers or toes. It is very essential to note that newly-produced bowling balls are made of polymer however, there is definitely a chance that you could hold an older ball which contain asbestos.  

2. Books 

 Not to be worried. There’s a small chance that this could possibly occur to you. In order to stop anyone from burning the books, they were bound in an asbestos and silver material. 

3. Crayons 

The following day you buy crayons for your kid as a gift, you must first consider researching the ingredients of that crayons. 

Antique Appliances at Home 

Thinking of purchasing a much older appliance or device online to save a significant amount of money, then you are wrong. Asbestos was historically an ingredient in your home appliances which had insulation. Old hair dryers would blow air to the client that is already contaminated by asbestos. Worn wirings used for antique or old home appliances or devices such as irons and toasters can release fibers which contain asbestos. 

Parts of Your Car 

This is sometimes not a good idea when you get to have a deal on the vehicle you found online or you may want to buy an old car. Cars made prior to the year 2003 are more likely to have parts that contain asbestos which will remain in the car until a replacement is already necessary. The most usual part that contains asbestos is the brake that emits heat. Not only that, another usual part is the car’s clutch that is actually built to resist grinding and friction. As a matter of fact, asbestos insulates against heat as well.  

Safety Clothing or Gears 

As asbestos was a durable, cheap and naturally acting fireproofing and insulation agent, it’s no wonder that asbestos can also be found in safety clothing or gears such as helmets, gloves, dust masks, leggings and aprons. Even factory workers would definitely wear dust mask and aprons and firefighters would wear safety uniforms since they were the ones exposed to extreme heat.  

Talcum Powder 

It is used all over the world for several different reasons such as in chewing gum, chalks, sweets and baby powder. Studies show that talcum powder in vintage baby powders sometimes contains asbestos fibers.